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Steampunk Album A

Steampunk Album A

For the cover of the album, I decided to make it a little more dimensional so I covered one set of pages with the Fashionista Haute Couture Paper and sanded and inked the edges and then adhered the two cut out cover pages to these pages with foam mounting tape for dimension. I now have a new cover for the book that is actually two sets of pages adhered together but with a layer of foam mounting tape and patterned paper in between the layers.

The next step in designing the cover was to cut out the manequin and adhere her to the cover with foam mounting tape. I then cut out a bunch of white flowers and several blue roses from the patterned paper. Using the paint pen, I painted two of the metal brad staples and the die-cut gears. I also used the paint pen to color the small self adhesive pearls black. I colored quite a few pearls at the one time so I could use them throughout the project.

For the roses on the cover, I gently bent the edges of the metal flower staples to shape them and then added a paper staples flower to each of the centers with liquid scrap dots for dimension. To complete the flowers I added a rose to the center of each one. The three smaller roses were ivory in color so I sprayed them with the two shades of Glimmer Mist to color them to tone in with the other album elements.